Simmons Healthcare Consulting, LLC - Social Service consulting, QIDP reviews, & Activities oversight

  • Social Service consultation in Indiana, Missouri, and limited assistance in Michigan
  • QIDP (formerly known as QMRP) reviews in Indiana for ID/DD residents
  • Activities oversight nationwide

Contact us for a referral to a trusted provider in other states.

Simmons Healthcare Consulting, LLC, has the ability to provide many services for your facility, including:

  • Audits including departmental, 1:1 visits, Myers & Stauffer preparation 
  • Reviews including Resident Council, PASRR, grievance process, psychoactive medication, Activities calendar 
  • Streamlining discharge planning process 
  • Plans of Correction implementation 
  • Monthly/Quarterly compliance visits 
  • QAPI
  • QIDP visits 
  • Survey prep/management 
  • New-hire training with emphasis on the importance of follow-up 
  • Documentation compliance 
  • Behavior Management 
  • MDS 3.0/CAA training 
  • Social Service interim staffing 
  • Staff training including — Resident Rights, Dignity, Dementia Training, Grief, Advance Directives, Psychosocial Adjustment, Privacy, Customer Service, Special Needs of the Elderly/Younger Resident/DD resident, Abuse/Neglect

Consultation can include:

  • One-time visits for short audits, reviews, or in-services
  • Extended visits for project completion, staff orientation, or plans of correction
  • Ongoing routine monthly / quarterly visits for compliance with regulations regarding Social Service consultation needs or QIDP visits
  • Social Service staffing coverage for maternity leaves, vacations, and FMLAs
  • Assistance with establishing or revising forms, documents, policies & procedures, 'train-the-trainer' programs

From an operational perspective, we can assist with the following regarding your Social Service and/or Activity departments:    

  • Time Management 
  • Strategic Planning 
  • Organizational Consulting 
  • Workflow and Operational Improvements 
  • Project Management 
  • Job Coaching 
  • Skill Development    

We can deliver objective, informed advice, and actionable plans for improving your facility. 

If you have a need that's not currently listed, contact us to discuss the details.